Summer Trends You Can Wear Now and Into Autumn

Written by: Mollie MacMahon



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Before the sun begins to set on summer and autumn's crisp breeze starts to make its entrance, it's time to think about transitioning our wardrobes. This season, it's all about versatile pieces that not only shine in the summer sun but seamlessly transition into cooler autumn days. From the crisp elegance of the white noise trend to the timeless appeal of high-rise trousers, we've got you covered. Dive into high summer florals that bring a burst of colour now and layer beautifully later in the year.

Embrace the updated ease of Bermuda shorts and the bold resurgence of double denim. These trends are not just fleeting summer favourites; they're the perfect forever pieces to carry you effortlessly into the next season. Join us as we explore how to make the most of these key trends, making sure your style remains stylishly at ease from one season to the next.

White Noise

White styles are making waves in the fashion world, characterised by all-white ensembles and monochrome dressing. This trend, is rooted in simplicity and minimalism. One key element of this trend is the use of broderie, which adds a touch of intricate craftsmanship to otherwise straightforward pieces. Broderie skirts are particularly popular this season, offering a delicate, airy feel that's perfect for summer days.

White wide-leg trousers are another staple of this trend, providing a chic and comfortable option for both casual and formal occasions. These trousers can be paired effortlessly with white basic tops, such as bardot tops and vests, creating a seamless, colour-block look. The bardot top, with its off-the-shoulder design, adds a hint of femininity and sophistication, while white vests offer a more minimalist approach, perfect for layering or wearing alone.

Monochrome dressing in white not only looks crisp and polished but also allows for endless styling possibilities. Accessories in neutral tones or metallics can be added to enhance the look without overpowering it. Wearing all-white might seem daunting but it is an achievable, timeless look you can replicate time and time again. Making it a standout choice for fashion enthusiasts looking to embrace a clean, modern aesthetic.

High-Rise Trousers

High-rise trousers are a versatile and stylish choice, and a great option for transitional dressing. Among the various styles, black cotton stripe trousers stand out for their sleek  silhouette and ability to elevate any look.

 Paired with a crisp white shirt or a lightweight sweater, these trousers create a polished yet relaxed ensemble suitable for both warm and cooler days.

Co-ords including high-rise trousers offer a chic option for those looking for an easy win outfit. Matching tops and trousers in complimentary colours or patterns simplify styling while ensuring a put-together appearance. These sets can be dressed up with heels or down with trainers, making them work for different occasions and temperatures.

Tailoring is another key aspect of high-rise trousers, adding structure and sophistication to any outfit. Well-fitted, tailored trousers can be paired with blazers for a professional look or with casual tops for a more laid-back vibe. The high waistline accentuates the waist, creating a flattering silhouette that works well across lots of different body types.

High-waisted denim is a staple for transitional weather, offering ease and style. Whether in classic blue wash, vintage wash or black, high-rise jeans can be paired with lightweight blouses in the summer and cosy knits in the cooler months. Their versatility naturally makes them a must-have in any wardrobe, bridging the seasonal gap with flair.

High Summer Florals

The high summer florals trend is flourishing, bringing bold brushstroke prints and whimsical, feminine styles to the forefront of fashion. This trend features vibrant, oversized floral patterns that evoke the beauty of summer wildlife, adding a lively and artistic flair to wardrobes. Dresses, skirts, and tops adorned with these prints offer a fresh, romantic look that's perfect for warm weather. 

The whimsical designs often incorporate soft, flowing fabrics that enhance the feminine aesthetic, creating an effortlessly airy vibe. High summer florals are all about embracing colour, nature, and a playful spirit, making them a must-have for the season.

Styling florals can be easy with a few key tips. Pair a bold floral top with neutral bottoms like light-wash jeans or a simple skirt to let the print stand out. For a cohesive look, match floral dresses with understated accessories in solid colours. Layering a floral dress with a denim jacket or a solid cardigan can add dimension without overwhelming the pattern. 

Mixing smaller floral prints with larger ones creates a playful, yet balanced outfit. Finish with minimalist shoes like ballet flats or barely there sandals and jewellery to keep the focus on the florals. Embrace the vibrant patterns and let them be the statement piece of your look.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts, traditionally known for their tailored, knee-length cut, have undergone a refreshing update with the introduction of denim and linen styles. This modern twist on a classic piece brings a casual, yet polished vibe to your wardrobe, making them a hero-piece for various occasions.

Tailored Bermuda shorts have long been favoured for their structured look, perfect for both office settings. However, the new denim iterations inject a laid-back charm, making them ideal for everyday wear. These denim Bermudas maintain the essential knee-length and clean lines of their tailored ancestors but offer the relaxed feel of denim, making them suitable for both casual and more formal occasions.

Pairing linen Bermuda shorts with a crisp white blouse or a lightweight knit creates a balanced look that effortlessly transitions from summer to autumn. For a more laid-back style, go for a boxy tee or a simple tank top works perfectly. To finish, layer a blazer to  elevate the look for a smart-casual appeal.

This refreshing take on Bermuda shorts allows for endless styling possibilities, catering to a range of personal styles and preferences. Whether dressed up with heels or kept casual with ballet flats or sandals, denim Bermuda shorts bridge the gap between classic tailoring and contemporary fashion.

Double Denim

The double denim trend, once considered a fashion faux pas, has made a strong comeback, becoming a stylish statement in modern wardrobes. Embracing this trend involves pairing various denim pieces to create inspired and interesting outfits.

Pairing a denim jacket with Bermuda shorts is a great way to start. This combination offers a laid-back, effortless look perfect for day-to-day. Choose matching washes of denim, creates a sense of luxe to the outfit. Complete the outfit with a simple black tank top and kitten heels for a polished day to night look.

Asymmetric denim dresses are another exciting style that is inspired by double denim. These dresses, with their unique cuts and hemlines, provide an edgy twist on classic denim. Style them with denim accessories like a belt or a bag to maintain the theme without overdoing it. Pair with ankle boots or strappy sandals to enhance the look.

Styling a denim sleeveless blazer offers endless possibilities. Wear it buttoned up with high-waisted jeans for a classic look or layer it over a denim skirt and vest as a light jacket. 

Going for a cream style of denim can soften the look, if you're not ready to jump into a blue-washed duo.

A denim overshirt with jeans creates a balanced, on-trend outfit. Opt for different shades or distressed details to break up the monochrome feel.

Tuck in the overshirt slightly to define the waist and pair with sleek flats or chunky boots for a modern touch.

Whatever trend you're leaning towards during the Summer months, be playful as you transition into Autumn. Play with layering and experimenting with ways to make your favourite pieces work all year round. All our pieces are thoughtfully designed and responsibly made so you can love them forever.