A versatile separate that will always be a key piece in our wardrobe – our newest Trousers embrace a fresh take on tailoring. Clever cuts and responsible materials, view our range of styles to make a smart statement in.


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Flared Sequin TrousersFlared Sequin Trousers
Flared Sequin Trousers Sale price£99.00
Pleat Front TrousersPleat Front Trousers
Pleat Front Trousers Sale price£89.00
Cream Cord Wide Leg TrouserCream Cord Wide Leg Trouser
Cream Cord Wide Leg Trouser Sale price£89.00
Tailored Denim TrouserTailored Denim Trouser
Tailored Denim Trouser Sale price£79.00
Satin Wide Leg TrouserSatin Wide Leg Trouser
Satin Wide Leg Trouser Sale price£99.00
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Animal Cord TrousersAnimal Cord Trousers
Animal Cord Trousers Sale price£89.00
Wool Mix Tailored TrousersWool Mix Tailored Trousers
Wool Mix Tailored Trousers Sale price£99.00
Black Cord Wide Leg TrouserBlack Cord Wide Leg Trouser
Black Cord Wide Leg Trouser Sale price£89.00
Wide Leg Tailored TrousersWide Leg Tailored Trousers
Wide Leg Tailored Trousers Sale price£79.00
Black Cargo TrousersBlack Cargo Trousers
Black Cargo Trousers Sale price£89.00
Slim Leg Tailored TrousersSlim Leg Tailored Trousers
Slim Leg Tailored Trousers Sale price£79.00
Ponte Zip Slim TrouserPonte Zip Slim Trouser
Ponte Zip Slim Trouser Sale price£79.00
Black LeggingsBlack Leggings
Black Leggings Sale price£25.00
Organic Cotton Cargo TrousersOrganic Cotton Cargo Trousers
Utility Pocket Cargo TrousersUtility Pocket Cargo Trousers
Barrel Leg TrousersBarrel Leg Trousers
Barrel Leg Trousers Sale price£89.00
Slim Leg JoggersSlim Leg Joggers
Slim Leg Joggers Sale price£69.00
Black Jersey JoggersBlack Jersey Joggers
Black Jersey Joggers Sale price£75.00