Tailoring and Repairs

At Albaray, we're dedicated to reducing waste and extending the lifespan of your favourite garments. That's why we've partnered with SOJO, a premier repair and alterations service committed to keeping your Albaray pieces cherished for even longer.

Together, Albaray and SOJO believe in a world where fashion serves people and planet alike. Where garments are cherished, not discarded. So join us in our commitment to sustainability. We’re making a change, until it fits!

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How It Works

Book your service

Select from our range of offerings and describe what you would like done. SOJO will tell you how much it will cost and walk you through how to pin, match or measure your item for the perfect fit.

SOJO gets to work

Expert tailors work their magic, ensuring your garment fits you perfectly and functions flawlessly.


Tailored to you

Your garment is returned to you with door-to-door collection and delivery in London, and a postal service nationwide – it’s that simple!

About SOJO

We believe in making change, until it fits. SOJO is the clothing alterations and repair platform for people and businesses, built on the belief that a sustainable fashion future is possible.

SOJO is the platform for reshaping wardrobes and reshaping the fashion industry by making alterations and repairs the new standard.


The Pledge to Repair Movement

We're delighted to join as a signatory brand for Pledge to Repair, a movement born out of SOJO founder Josephine Philips' frustrations with the lack of legislation in the UK fashion industry.

Albaray join Pledge to Repair as part of coalition of brands that are also committed to reducing textile waste through repairing clothing.