One of the things we love about linen is its versatility. From linen dresses to tops and trousers, linen can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A naturally strong fibre, linen lasts longer and can be worn for many years, further adding to its sustainability.


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Linen Drawstring TrouserLinen Drawstring Trouser
Linen Drawstring Trouser Sale price£89.00
Linen Drop Waist DressLinen Drop Waist Dress
Linen Drop Waist Dress Sale price£99.00
Linen ShortsLinen Shorts
Linen Shorts Sale price£59.00
Linen SkirtLinen Skirt
Linen Skirt Sale price£89.00
Linen Twill Button Through DressLinen Twill Button Through Dress
Linen Twill Button TopLinen Twill Button Top
Linen Twill Button Top Sale price£59.00
Linen Twill Pencil SkirtLinen Twill Pencil Skirt
Linen Twill Pencil Skirt Sale price£65.00
Linen Twill Puff Sleeve DressLinen Twill Puff Sleeve Dress
Linen Twill ShortsLinen Twill Shorts
Linen Twill Shorts Sale price£65.00
Linen Twill TrousersLinen Twill Trousers
Linen Twill Trousers Sale price£79.00
Linen Twill WaistcoatLinen Twill Waistcoat
Linen Twill Waistcoat Sale price£65.00
Linen V Neck DressLinen V Neck Dress
Linen V Neck Dress Sale price£120.00
Sprig Floral Sun DressSprig Floral Sun Dress
Sprig Floral Sun Dress Sale price£99.00
Sprig Pressed Floral Bandeau DressSprig Pressed Floral Bandeau Dress
Sprig Pressed Floral BlouseSprig Pressed Floral Blouse
Sprig Pressed Floral Blouse Sale price£59.00
Sprig Pressed Floral SkirtSprig Pressed Floral Skirt
Sprig Pressed Floral Skirt Sale price£79.00
Sprig Pressed Floral TopSprig Pressed Floral Top
Sprig Pressed Floral Top Sale price£55.00