Elevate your style while embracing a brighter future with our sustainably made tailored pieces. Our journey towards sustainability begins with responsible sourcing. We carefully select eco-friendly materials, from organic cotton to recycled polyester, reducing our environmental footprint while maintaining the exceptional quality you expect from us.


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Black Tailored JacketBlack Tailored Jacket
Black Tailored Jacket Sale price£149.00
Black Short Tweed DressBlack Short Tweed Dress
Black Short Tweed Dress Sale price£99.00
Black Tailored Maxi SkirtBlack Tailored Maxi Skirt
Black Tailored Maxi Skirt Sale price£79.00
Black Tweed JacketBlack Tweed Jacket
Black Tweed Jacket Sale price£129.00
Short Double Breasted Trench CoatShort Double Breasted Trench Coat
Black Tweed SkirtBlack Tweed Skirt
Black Tweed Skirt Sale price£75.00
Black Tailored WaistcoatBlack Tailored Waistcoat
Black Tailored Waistcoat Sale price£69.00
Black Tweed WaistcoatBlack Tweed Waistcoat
Black Tweed Waistcoat Sale price£79.00
Stone Tailored Pleat Front TrouserStone Tailored Pleat Front Trouser
Stone Tailored JacketStone Tailored Jacket
Stone Tailored Jacket Sale price£149.00
Stone Tailored Cutaway WaistcoatStone Tailored Cutaway Waistcoat
Navy Pinstripe JacketNavy Pinstripe Jacket
Navy Pinstripe Jacket Sale price£119.00
Relaxed Single Breast Trench CoatRelaxed Single Breast Trench Coat
Navy Pinstripe WaistcoatNavy Pinstripe Waistcoat
Navy Pinstripe Waistcoat Sale price£65.00
Navy Pinstripe Maxi SkirtNavy Pinstripe Maxi Skirt
Navy Pinstripe Maxi Skirt Sale price£65.00
Navy Pinstripe TrouserNavy Pinstripe Trouser
Navy Pinstripe Trouser Sale price£79.00
Navy Pinstripe Sleeveless JacketNavy Pinstripe Sleeveless Jacket
Tailored Denim TrouserTailored Denim Trouser
Tailored Denim Trouser Sale price£79.00
Pleat Front TrousersPleat Front Trousers
Pleat Front Trousers Sale price£89.00
Slim Leg Tailored TrousersSlim Leg Tailored Trousers
Slim Leg Tailored Trousers Sale price£79.00
Black Cargo TrousersBlack Cargo Trousers
Black Cargo Trousers Sale price£89.00
Wide Leg Tailored TrousersWide Leg Tailored Trousers
Wide Leg Tailored Trousers Sale price£79.00
Black Double Breasted CoatBlack Double Breasted Coat
Black Double Breasted Coat Sale price£199.00